Since it is getting cooler out, It’s time to break out something to keep you warm. A Russian Imperial Stout should do it. This Friday before Hallow’s Eve I have broken out the Left Hand Brewing Company’s 2009 Oak Aged Imperial Stout. I really like the label with the dragon and knotwork. This Stout comes in a 220z. bottle as it should. The nose has hint of oak and the malt and licorice comes out too. The head is an almond color and is present throughout. Color is a nice rich black, not quite pitch. The malt is very apparent along with the licorice, chocolate and toffee. Since this is an Imperial it’s more of a sipper of a beer. Usually this type of a beer is in the ABV range of 10%. The Bottle does not say. I will say that kind of bothers me.

I’m going to give this a B+

Happy Halloween!



Well now… Cherries! Very Cherry! Nose is full of cherries with a bit of alcohol. The color is a light brown with a ruby red tint. There was no head to speak of. It has a good mouth feel and at the end hints of vanilla and clove.

With an ABV of 8% this ale is a nice change for the Unibroue folks. I give this a B. I’d like to have some carbonation in this aged ale.



Today is Sunday, a day that I feel is a great day to lounge around and look at a few things you should be doing around the house, but you don’t have to… As the leaves are changing and Fall is already upon us I felt the need to bring out this great Fall Ale. The wonderful people of the Bruery have some great products. The Autumn Maple is today’s review. This is a Belgian Style Brown Ale, made with yams, molasses, maple syrup and spices.  The nose has a sweet smell and I can certainly smell the maple syrup and spices. The color is a nice red brown, with a nice almond head. This is a full bodied brown ale that will certainly keep you warm during these chilly nights. With an ABV of 10%, I give this great full bodied ale a solid A. I will certainly want to have a stash of this for the Fall changing of the leaves.



Today is a nice day out, not real warm and not too cold. Right about the time that some darker beers start making their way into your hands. One of the brews I scored in Asheville this past week was the Smoked Baltic Porter from the Great Divide Brewing Company. The color is a rich dark brown, almost pitch. The nose has a smokey, roasted smell. There was not much head to this as I pored it slowly. Having mostly German ingredients this medium bodied lager is nice and smooth. The finish is a bit dry and the smoke taste lingers. Very nicely done. With an ABV of 6.2% this Porter is one I do recommend. I hope to get my hands on some smoked malt soon for some homebrewing of my own.



Sahtea is an Ale brewed with Black Chai Tea and Juniper berries. First off the nose is very sweet and fruity right off the bat. Certainly has a Chai flavor and berries do come into play. I have never experienced Juniper before so I can’t tell you where it’s at. Sort of an orangish yellow in color. The head dissipates after a while. The ale finishes sort of dry and does leave some after taste. I wouldn’t say this is a real drinkable ale but it is nice overall. With an ABV of 9% I will give this a B for Dogfish Head. Thanks Sam for another interesting brew!



I like me some Sour Ales. There are not that many to choose from really. I went to Bruise N Ales in Asheville and Julie introduced me to this sour Ale. It is more sour than any I’ve tried with a nice oak after taste.

Pours light brown and a little cloudy,  the nose is sour for sure. This was a vintage of 2008. Pretty amazing what a wild yeast will do to a beer. With an ABV of 8.5%, I give this a solid A for sour beers.

2010-05-09 17.35.06


I first experienced this Imperial Stout during Baltimore Beer Week. My friend, @beerinbaltimore, said this is a  must experience beer. I agree with him totally. I will have to say, this is the first beer I have opened in a can in at least 10 years. So, my review of this yummy nectar of the Gods is this… When I pour it there was not much head, although it does keep some head throughout the ride. The nose is very malty with chocolate hints you can get a sense of the alcohol as well. This is a very well balanced Imperial Stout, probably the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. It’s very drinkable, has very little alcohol burn and the finish is minimal. With an ABV of 9.5%, I give this Imperial Stout an A+.

2010-05-02 19.43.54


Had a great time in Asheville this last weekend April 24, 2010. This is a sample of the bout and all the excitement. There were lots more excitement for sure. May 8th, 2010 will be the next double header bout in Gray, TN. Hope to see you there! I know this has nothing to do with Beer and Brewing, but there was beer at the bout and a lot of the girls had tattoos, so this does apply because Derby ROCKS!!!!


This is my first North Coast experience. The nose is filled with toffee, caramel, and spices. the pour is a cloudy brown with a tan head. It has a malty flavor with raisins and caramel with a slight alcohol burn. The finish has a bit of a chocolate feel. With a ABV of 9.4%, I give this abbey ale a solid B+

2010-04-22 17.36.40


This commemorative Belgian style double ale is celebrating Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. This double ale pours a cloudy golden color and has a nose of cloves and fruit. I am tasting the coriander as well. It is very Saison-like. With an ABV of 7.5%, I give this Unibroue a Solid B (for Belgian) very drinkable. Plus I like the silk screened label on the bottle.

unibroue-quatre-centieme2010-04-20 19.40.50