I want to welcome the folks of the Kingsport Oktoberfest to the Kingsport area. They have contacted myself for some help with a few things and I’m very happy they did. I want to give everyone some info about where to get your info about the 2011 Inaugural festival.  For general information contact us at: info@kingsportoktoberfest.com
Facebook with us at www.facebook.com/kingsportoktoberfest
Twitter with us at @KPTOktoberfest
Visit them on the web at www.kingsportoktoberfest.com

So please log onto their facebook site and friend them and show these fine folks we want them to come back year after year.

– Tattood Brew


Nuff Said!


Great to have access to some Great swag. Amy at Surly Ramics was great making this pendant. Or even get a custom one of your own. http://www.etsy.com/listing/66742047/reserved-for-druidworks-reserved


Just ordered the ingredients and already have enough Vanilla Beans for this batch. Looking forward to getting this going.



Tonight I found a Guinness Mop Sauce for a Brisket but decided to use it on some pork chops. I think it will come out just as yummy. Here is the recipe http://bbq.about.com/od/moprecipes/r/bl50713a.htm

This Mod Sauce is not very strong and the only thing I might suggest is to add some brown sugar to the recipe to get more caramelization going on your meats.

Let me know how your Beer cooking skills are doing. Drop me a line or send me your recipes to jon (at) tattoodbrew.com or just reply to this post with your recipe and i’ll give it a try.


Raison D’Etre Mustard

Today Beth and I are starting to make some homemade mustard using beer. Specifically Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre. The Recipe is from these fine folks at Local Kitchen Blog.  http://localkitchenblog.com/2010/12/06/can-jam-raisin-detre-mustard/ We started this off soaking white raisins in the Raison D’Etre for 4 hours. That’s an awful long time not to enjoy one of these fine beers! Stirring the contents in the bowl so it steeps nicely. After the four hours I removed the raisins and added both mustard seeds into the beer to sit overnight. After the overnight soak in the Raison D’Etre the everything needed to be put into the food processor for a bit and then into a sauce pan for a quick boil before I put the final mustard into Jars for keeping. This was not a big enough batch to do a lot of canning. Check out some of my pics during the process.

For a pairing for this mustard I would recommend a hearty meat. Some sort of roast beef or even a corned beef sandwich on some crusty bread. Very nice!


Since I’ve been going to school lately for Internet Development, I have made it a personal goal to make a Favicon for my site! And Now it is done. Here is a little bit of a larger pic of the Favicon.

Maybe I’ll have some shirts made of this as well.

I like technology!



Today I am in “Full Swing” designing a branding package for an up and coming brewery about to be established from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. This for a friend of mine who we have known each other since grade school. Come to find out we have been big homebrewing buffs for a long time and he is going to be the first to step up to the plate with a brewery. I’m real proud of my friend John and his team. I’m also thankful that he is turning to me to help with his vision and asking me to help out.

More details about this Awesome news in the future.



On a Day where your going to get felt up by the TVA before you board a plane to travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday and the FDA decides to ban the painkiller Darvocet there is something still to be joyful about. BEER…
Today I have the pleasure to experience a collaboration between two great brewers. Jack McAuliffe of New Albion and Ken Grossman. This Black Barleywine is among the best I’ve had. The cork came out with plenty of force. That is usually a good sign of having some head. This barleywine pours dark brown with a light tan head. Perfect amount of carbonation. the head does not dissipate after it settles. The nose is of roasted malt and has some hints of fruit like fig and cherries with some oak and brandy on the end. It is a full bodied ale which is very well balanced with the whole hops used. There is minimal alcohol burn for this to be in the ABV range of 10.2%. The finish is nice with the oak and malt and the hops really come through and ends dry. I will attempt to gather a few more of these to add to my collection that I’m putting to the side for years to come. A give this a Very Solid A- and a strong recommendation to any one who wants to add to their collection for the future.


This past weekend was a great weekend. My sweeties birthday present was during this weekend. Happy Birthday Beth! I got her tickets to see the Dresden Dolls at the Buckhead Theater. Pretty nice place. Before the show on Saturday we wanted to have some dinner and have some great beer, so we headed into the little five points area to a small tavern called the Porter. They have a wonderful selection of Belgian brews as well as many high gravity brews. They also have a cask as well. I like to see some cask action. I met a guy at my last job who is an IT professional and lives in Atlanta so I called him up and invited him and his girlfriend to come hang out with us. Mike and his girlfriend had a great time and it was good to see him again. Mike introduced me to an establishment called Taco Mac. He told me they have an excellent selection of beers and some great food. On the way back to Tennessee we stopped by and met Mike for lunch. Wow! They have MANY beers on tap. Probably the most I’ve ever seen in one place. The food was great too. I do hope to get back to Atlanta soon. We had a great time. Here are a few pics of our trip.IMG_20101113_151610IMG_20101113_150842CIMG0028