This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a brewery tour with some friends in Knoxville, Tennessee. The tour company was Knox Brew tours. www.knoxbrewtours.com
This was my buddy Ernie’s birthday weekend. It was suppose to be last weekend but the Tennessee Florida game knocked that out of getting a room. So we rescheduled.
We got on the brew bus at the downtown Casual Pint location. Our brewery tours were the following.
• Balter Beerworks • Alliance Brewing Co. • Last Days of Autumn Brewery • Crafty Bastard Brewery.

Balter Beerworks. http://balterbeerworks.com/

Is a relatively new establishment and is on the edge of Old Town in Knoxville. It was an old gas station and has nicely been updated to a 7-barrel brew house. They had updated the property in a rusty industrial metal design. Which I find very cool for this setting. Their beers were nice. We had a nice robust Porter and a Pale Ale.

Alliance Brewing. https://twitter.com/alliancebrew


This is another new establishment. They have more of a large-scale homebrew setup. Not much commercial equipment yet. It is in a revitalized area of Knoxville that is up and coming. They are next to a coffee house and had a small but enthusiastic crowd when we visited. They were watching the UT game.

Last Days of Autumn. http://www.lastdaysofautumn.com/

This was in an older part of Knoxville. The building was nice and had lots of character. They had a small 3-barrel commercial brew house. Small but did not have a homebrew feel to it. Certainly something one brewer could manage. They had some really good beers. An Extra we bought was a Berliner Weisse with blackberry syrup, which was fantastic!

Crafty Bastard. https://craftybastardbrewery.com/

This was the highlight of the tour. The location was in a 100+-year-old building with great history. The beers were all stellar. The brew tour even went out and served us a cider, to which they say, they never do. But this was a small batch and was nicely done. There were a few high gravity selections I would have liked to have stuck around and have tried. But that is for another day and another story.

Overall, Knox Brew Tours was a great way to celebrate a birthday, or just hang out with some special folks to celebrate beer and have a good time. Without the worry of having to drive. I would recommend, if you have the time and funds to stay in the downtown area of Knoxville, to do so. Great food, entertainment and drinks are within a few blocks of walking.

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