As many of you might know, I have been involved from the start with Design and Marketing of the Black Abbey Brewing Company. It has been exciting to watch this company start and grow in just over 6 short months to 110 accounts in Nashville’s Davidson county alone. The list is growing daily which is a blessing. You can “LIKE” them on Facebook to get the latest goings on at the Brewery and Fellowship Hall. You can also check out the website at http://www.blackabbeybrewing.com. Currently they have 3 regularly brewed beers. The Champion, The Special, The Rose. Also They have had 6 Seasonal beers. Potus 44, Guy Fawkes, Chapter House, Wicket Gate, Crossroads and Brother Maynard. They have also had a Limited Edition Barrel Aged edition of all of their beers. I’m Sure a few of these Seasonal’s may move into the Regular position soon.

Black Abbey has been involved with the local Nashville beer festivals and will continue to do so. Hopefully they will be doing some traveling outside the area to offer great libations through out the state soon.
Lots of cool Swag has been developed, from T-shirts, caps, tobogans, and sweat bans so far. More Swag is always being designed to keep up with demand. Hoping to have some Brewery tins, as well as specific beer T-shirts have been in the works. There have been some limited Edition Letterpress Posters locally printed up as well. You may be able to get your hands one one of those from places they were distributed to.

The guys are headed this weekend to Chattanooga for a festival there, which is exciting for us. This is pretty far outside of Davidson county, but I’m sure there will be a great response just like closer to home has been.

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