Maredsous Abbey Ales

Today I’m feeling the need for some good Belgian beer. A few weeks back I stopped by Hops and Vines in Asheville and picked up some Belgian Ales I have not experienced yet. The Maredsous 8 which is a Dubbel is first up. This Ale has a nice copper brown color, comes from a 1 Lt bottle with a caged cork. The nose is of dark fruits like figs and raisins with a lite hint of hops. The banana from the Belgian yeasts is apparent. It has nice carbonation and the head dissipates to just a skim over the top. This is a medium body ale with mo real hint of alcohol, with a thick dry finish. With an ABV of 8% I feel this Dubbel comes in at a B+.
















The following evening I went for the next Maredsous 10 which is a Tripel. Again this ale comes in a 1 Lt bottle with a caged cork. It pours nicely with good carbonation and nice head. It doesn’t dissipate as much as the dubbel. The color is a nice cloudy amber colored ale. The nose is yeasty with lite fruit. Pear and floral notes. The mouthfeel is lite and fairly refreshing. With any Belgian the Banana from the yeast comes through with spice and hops. Decently balanced with a hint of alcohol present. This medium body tripel has an ABV of 10%. I’m going to stick with a B+ on this as well.




























Both of these Belgians were nice to try. I have had better in both for sure. But overall was enjoyable to review.
Tune in next time for more Brews, Views and News…

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