Fans of gambling games like blackjack and video poker can have the best of both worlds if they play their cards right, as many casinos in Las Vegas and other areas will happily serve up free beers to guests who are gambling. Proper beer strategy is important, though, as otherwise you might be stuck drinking Miller Lite when you could be enjoying Chimay Red or another higher-end import. It’s hard to knock any free beer but a few simple tips can put you onto the perfect beer trail instead of getting lost in CheapBeerLandia instead.

If you want to get comped higher-end beers when gambling in Vegas casinos, the most important factor is the casino you’re gambling at. The Wynn, Palazzo, and the Venetian are your best bets in Vegas, with all three getting high marks for both the beers they stock and their willingness to serve them up to gamblers. The better the casino, the better the booze they offer up; it doesn’t matter whether you’re staying at the casino as a guest, so if all other factors are equal, you’ll get better beers at the top-shelf casinos. Be careful, though, as if you normally play $5 blackjack at O’Sheas you might find those “free” Chimay Reds are very expensive if you have to play at a $25 minimum blackjack table and hit a bad streak.

Assuming you enjoy all sorts of games equally, you’ll generally get faster service (which means more free beers) if you’re playing table games like roulette, craps, or blackjack instead of machines like slots or video poker. Cocktail waitresses tend to get more tips from games that use chips so they circulate more often there, with relatively few visits to banks of penny slot machines that usually aren’t the home of big tippers. When you’re first ordering a beer, shoot for the moon as far as your request and name your favorite beer; all they can do is say they don’t have it and prompt you to order something that they do serve.

If you prefer to gamble at home at an Internet casino site, you obviously won’t be able to order free beers in the usual sense but cash bonuses for players work out to essentially the same thing. Many online sites offer generous cash bonuses for new and existing players which in some cases can double or triple any money you deposit. It takes a little legwork on your part, but that bonus cash basically equates to free beer that you can purchase and stock in your fridge; the upside here is that you’ll be guaranteed to always have your favorite beer at hand when you’re gambling.

Written by Guest Blogger: Marion Loxley  ~ Birkirkara City, Malta

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