On a Day where your going to get felt up by the TVA before you board a plane to travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday and the FDA decides to ban the painkiller Darvocet there is something still to be joyful about. BEER…
Today I have the pleasure to experience a collaboration between two great brewers. Jack McAuliffe of New Albion and Ken Grossman. This Black Barleywine is among the best I’ve had. The cork came out with plenty of force. That is usually a good sign of having some head. This barleywine pours dark brown with a light tan head. Perfect amount of carbonation. the head does not dissipate after it settles. The nose is of roasted malt and has some hints of fruit like fig and cherries with some oak and brandy on the end. It is a full bodied ale which is very well balanced with the whole hops used. There is minimal alcohol burn for this to be in the ABV range of 10.2%. The finish is nice with the oak and malt and the hops really come through and ends dry. I will attempt to gather a few more of these to add to my collection that I’m putting to the side for years to come. A give this a Very Solid A- and a strong recommendation to any one who wants to add to their collection for the future.

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