It wouldn’t be brewing if there weren’t a few problems with a new Brew Rig that’s for sure. One good thing is having more than one person to help and knowledge on your side is what teamwork is all about. This go around was no different. In the end Brent and I are going to have a great brew that is very similar to the Stone Epic 09 recipe. We are going to Bottle this brew in Belgian .750 with corks and cages. and put it up for at least 9 months Plus.

Here is a video for you to check out. Brent gave a great review of the Flying Dog – Raging Bitch, Belgian style IPA. Our friend Ben Collins was there to to enjoy as well.

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  1. What fun! Nice video John! 🙂

  2. Thanks Ben. Hoping to get back in a few weeks to bottle. You should come by as well.

  3. Hey Guys,This is a great example of what this hobby is all about.Great job and happy brewing.To Brent what a nice new brew sculpture.Would like to brew with you some time.Joh,nice narration.Seeya all Jay Davis

  4. Hey Jay,
    Great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you. We had a great time brewing and after I left Brent finished up and all the numbers fell into place. We should bottle in about 2 weeks and we are going to put up in Belgian Bottles and let rest for about 9 months or so. It should be a good one.

  5. Now I’m sorry I missed this event. This is a great video and should inspire folks to take up home craft brewing as a hobby. I love Brent’s new rig! Looks like he’s moving away from the 5 gallon batches. Thank you all for creating this event, video, and narration. Jon, exellent job on the video. Next time, I hope to be there in person!

  6. Tony, You certainly did miss out. We hope to be bottling in a few weeks, maybe you can make that one. I’ll bring by some more brews to review as well. Should be fun.