Although this is not a Brew Post I still will update the site with shows I go to and Bands I see. This particular Post is about my time with a great band, HAYSEED DIXIE. My Friend from High School John Wheeler fronts the band and what an amazing bunch of guys out there having fun and giving an interesting twist on music in a classification called Rock-Grass. Here is some pics and video of the shows I just saw. These were the ONLY shows for the U.S. that were scheduled! That was due to me talking and asking John if he wanted to do it. They agreed and had a good time doing it. Thanks Guys, Great Job! John also let me Design a poster for the Band and it might get incorporated into next years European Tour.

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  1. Fun times! I love the banjo.

  2. And this guy can rock on a banjo for sure! Banjo and Mandolin player are brothers. Apparently their daddy helped arrange the song Dueling Banjo’s. That’s got to be cool.