Started off leaving Greeneville and heading over the mountain over to North Carolina for the 2009 Brew Grass festival. Great day for a festival. Over cast the whole day. Barely started sprinkling as we were leaving. I decided to leave out around 4pm because the lines were getting long. Notable beers were the Thomas Creek – Extreme IPA, the Pisgah Brewing – Solstice, and the Highland brewing Cask, Smoked Porter with Whiskey soaked oak spirals in it. Fabuloso!

Here is a short video of what goes on at a Good Festival if you have never seen one. Greeneville, Pay attention! You probably won’t ever have one of these…

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  1. Nice PHOTO Journalism Jon -captured the spirit in 3 minutes.

  2. Thanks Lucy. I had a great time. It was good to see everyone. Look forward to other future events!

  3. Nice Job Jon. I agree the odds are low that Greeneville will ever have a festival such as this. Too bad. I had a great time.