In 1996 I moved to Jacksonville, Florida. After getting all moved in and comfortable I went out to a local small beer store and they had the first LongShot Brew winner. Which was a Hazelnut Brown Ale. God what a tasty brew that was. After there were no more I went on a mission to procure more. Very upset I couldn’t find my favorite nectar I had to do something. Right? Exactly! I found a local establishment that you could go to and brew your own small batches. They furnished everything and were partial All-Grain’s. I took the bottom of the box of the LongShot Brew in to which the recipe was on and said I want to make this. I got an excuse that he didn’t have exactly the same ingredients but some beers that were close. So I accepted. And of to Brewing I went. For about $150 initially I brewed my first Brown Ale and loved it. I think I brewed that beer 10 other times. Did some stouts and a wheat beer as well. The place no longer exists but the memories are awesome and I’m glad it sent me down this road.

So the latest LongShot Brews are out and There are 3 different brews in the pack. First off is a double IPA (pictured) created by Mike McDole of California. I think this is a great Double IPA. Very hoppy but yet a malty balance. Crisp and aromatic of the Hops I love so much. Apparently there are 7 different varieties of hops to equal 6 Lbs per barrel of Nectar…

Cheers, to Mike for a great brew.

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