2009 Rack by the Tracks

This years Racks by the Tracks was not really stellar by my standard. When we got to the festival I managed to get tickets pretty easliy as they were not sold out as of yet. I had to buy an additional $5 wristband for Beth so she could be inside the barrier. The lady said they only had 17 of these special DD wrist bands…. So then we were off to the line to get in. The glasses had 15 tickes in them for us to use. I said I thought there wasn’t tickets this year. That kind of blew really. It said nothing on the website about tickets or anything about extra for a few DD wristbands available. There were about 15 brewers there for us to sample all of there great beers. It got to the point of where some of the brewers didn’t really care much for the tickets so that seemed to work out. I started camping out at the Thomas Creek tent. They had the most one tap with 6 beers to sample.img_0312

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