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The Down Low… If you Brew it they will come!

Well it’s over now but a great time was had and I saw a few people I knew at the Festival. Michael Foster, Brewmaster from Depot Street Brewery, Jonesborough TN was there as well as the group from Highland Brewery and a plethora of other great brewers.

Got my glass and headed to grab a spot in the shade before all the real estate was gone. Then I went to where I knew first, Depot Street. Michael and his lovely wife were serving up the magic he makes. Here are some pictures I took while there.


So out of the many beers I tried some of the noteworthy ones I liked were the Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, very smooth. Also the Pisgah Solstic a Belgian type Ale was very tasty as well. The Highland crew Brought a Cask IPA which was great as well. Overall I had a great time. Enjoyed the fact that most of the area was covered by the tents as well as some tree’s too. The weather was very cooperative as well.

Also took a bit of a survey with some of the brewers there. Weather or not they were on twitter or if they even knew what it is… About 25% were and the most sort of heard about it but hadn’t managed to try it. Hope to see them on board. You can follow me on twitter. Search @tattoodbrew.

Bottom’s Up! – Many, Many, Many great beers. No incidents from amateurs. Awesome people!

Sucked Bongwater! – Nothing there…. 🙂

Tattoo’d Brew Correspondent
Jon Brooks

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