This weekend has been a musically fueled one. On the way up to Baltimore on the spur of the moment decided to go to the Amanda Palmer show in Washington DC at the State Theatre. I thought that it was a really nice place. They have what looked like great food and a decent selection of beer. I had a few Harpoon IPAs. They were a bit pricey for such a small cup of it. I was just glad it wasn’t Bud Lite! The show was really good. I was pretty blown away by the opening band, Nervous Cabaret. They happen to be Amanda’s back up band as well. They had somewhat of a fusion type feel. Rock, Cuban, Blues. They had a couple of horns in the band too. Amanda was great and very enthusiastic about the set. Her father and her did a song together too.

The Knoxville show was really nice as it was the last show of the tour. I had the pleasure of bringing some homebrew to the show for the crew to enjoy during and after the show. I also brought what was left of my shirts to them. Hoping that I will get a few pictures sent back. I was told the brew was very nice. I got Thank You’s all night long. Very Cool. Here are a few pics of the night. and a couple of vids too.

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