Today was an excellent day for brewing. Last weekend I had a get together with a few friends and a good friend asked me if I would brew some beer for her annual Halloween party so I said sure. My friend Brent was there also and said he would be glad to help with the process. For this size party we decided on 10 gallons. Also wanting to do a great beer but not too dark. So we all decided on a Belgian Blonde. I told the Hostess of the Halloween party being a Belgian it would be better for it to mature a little longer. So Brent offered to Step up some liquid Belgian yeast that he already had which will be better than the dry that came with these kits. Great plan! The yeast took off like a champ! Thanks Brent for the help today and also thanks to Debbie for the chance to brew for you. This will be a great party this year!

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  1. Yee Haa Its gonna be great! The best thing about this is friends brewing for new friends. Gonna be a party on the mountain when you come. Debbie

  2. Debbie,
    Agreed. Brent and I had a good time brewing yesterday and have hi hopes for this batch. It will pay off I’m sure. :-)


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